Your software architecture directly affects your company’s agility

The question is simple… “How agile do we need to be?”… The path to the answer is complex and the software architecture is a crucial part of this puzzle. Your software architecture will determine whether it is possible to release on demand, every few seconds, every few weeks or every few months. For example, if [...]

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Defining your purpose

More and more frequently and in varying situations and on various platforms, I am seeing, hearing and reading Agile Coaches state their purpose as being to make their presence unnecessary as quickly as possible. At a glance, the statement seems profound and perhaps even visionary. In an interview / contract situation it implies that you [...]

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How Function Point Analysis Helped Achieve Better Sprint Planning

I was recently consulting at a client that decided to become Agile and implement Scrum. A few of us went through the Professional Scrum Master training and returned to work, certified and ready to make a difference. During those early stages we experimented, adapted and implemented until we had everything running "smoothly". Then after getting [...]

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